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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Smart Automation, All the answers you need!


Q. What is a “smart home”?

A. smart home is a home outfitted with devices that can be controlled over an internet connection on one’s desktop, tablet, or smartphone. These connected devices can be appliances, lights, security systemscameras, audio and video systems, televisions, thermostats, and even sprinklers.


Q. What are the benefits of home automation?

A. The benefits of home automation typically fall into a few categories, including savings, safety, convenience, and control. Additionally, some consumers purchase home automation for comfort and peace of mind.


Q. Is home automation worth it?

A. Home automation is worth the investment, in most cases. To determine if it’s worth it for you, you should weigh the potential benefits—what you’ll save in time and money over time—against the up-front costs.


Q. Does home automation increase home value?

A. Home automation does increase home value. More and more people want smart home functionality in their next homes. If your house is equipped with smart tech, you can most likely raise your asking price. You should work with a licensed real estate agent, though, to ensure your price falls within what the market can bear.

Q. How can I save energy with home automation?

A. Home automation can help you save energy by ensuring your home uses resources like water and electricity more effectively, reducing waste throughout the home.

You may know that home automation can help increase your home’s convenience and security. But did you know it can also save you money? With home automation, you can make a small difference for the environment—and you see smaller utility bills as a result.


Q. Does smart home technology work for businesses?

A. Yes, smart home technology works for businesses, at least in part. Businesses need more robust and scalable smart solutions, so they often turn to commercial applications.


Q. Do I have to make my whole house smart?

A. No, you don’t have to make your whole house smart. You should weigh your options and decide whether to invest in standalone smart gadgets or a full-scale home automation network. Some people prefer the former, either because they’re new to smart home technology or desire connectivity for only one or two home functions.

Wireless Networks


Q. I can see the wireless network, but I can't connect – what's wrong?

A. In the first instance, you can try:

  • Removing (forgetting) the wireless network from your device WiFi settings

  • Turning your WiFi off and on again

  • Rebooting your device

It’s possible that your location may be causing interference with the WiFi signal – try moving to another location to attempt to connect to the service.

Some smartphone roaming client apps may interfere with connectivity on our network – try uninstalling/deleting the app and rebooting your device before attempting to connect again.

Mobile Reception


Q. Can i boost my mobile reception

A. Yes! if you have poor reception with the Cel-Fi Go product and an antenna located in the best reception you could upgrade your mobile reception from one bar to the maximum.