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First off all, what is NDIS?
How Protecc can help!

As Protecc is an official NDIS provider we can provide you with the assistance of Smart Home Automation technology making some of your everyday tasks simple and automated so you can concentrate on yourself and any task you have in front of you with the insurance of home safety and power consumption.

How smart home automation technology helps with disability and leading an independent life technology like

An offer someone with an injury or disability a more independent life. Being able to get automated assistance in the home with voice control or mobile control, this technology enables people to stay in their home who maybe wouldn’t otherwise be able to live on their own. Technology allows them to access their home using voice or mobile control, showing them things like when someone is at the door, if someone has entered or left the home, or what appliances are currently on or off. You can even create presets to turn things on and off in the home after a certain period, so nothing gets forgotten or left running.

They can also access their home remotely through an application on their smart device(s) to do things like

for the family of the individual or their caregivers because it provides mobile access to the home and updates that can help  For people with injuries or disabilities, this is about empowering them to live their best life. It is also a helpful tool


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